POLISHED - a glossy surface which brings out the full color and character of stone.

HONED - a satin smooth surface with little or no gloss.

SPLIT FACE - stone of which the face has been broken to an approximate plane.

BRUSHED - obtained by brushing the stone with a coarse rotary wire brush.

TUMBLED - finish with softer round edges for a more aged, antique appearance.

FILLED - an expression used to indicate the filling of natural voids in stone with synthetic resins or similar materials.

UNFILLED - an expression used when natural voids in stone has not been filled.

CROSS or VEIN CUT - way of cutting of quarried stone to their natural bedding.

SAW CUT - rough finish produced by sawing with diamond saw.

PAVER - cut to size piece of stone with minimum 30mm thickness which doesn't required concrete sub base.

TILE - cut to size piece of stone which required solid sub base expo concrete or brick.