Frequently Asked Questions

The price of natural stone depends on the capacity of its quarry and its production volume. The higher the production, the less expensive price. Some of the world's most beautiful stones are inexpensive due to their abundance.
A regular cleaning and application of sealer if necessary. Stone are stain resistant when sealed with the proper sealer. Sealing treatment with 15 years warranty are available.
There is general misconception that some countries have better stone than others. Natural stones come from nature itself and has been made by forces of nature not by human. Manufacturing process only brings out the beauty of naturals stones.
Man-made products are artificial looking and are quick to lose their appeal, while natural stones keep their beauty for many years. In recent years prices of natural stones are becoming comparable to man-made products due to more affordable production processes.
Natural stone invites TIMELESS and realistic luxury into your home at an affordable price.
Everywhere! Natural stone can be cut-to-size for every space inside and outside your home. Starting with driveways, pathways, pool areas, alfresco or patios, walls or just wall cladding, Roofing trough to flooring, bathrooms, bench tops, splash backs, baths and bowls.