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7 December 2018

Ecoraster Grid system makes excellent choice for difficult sites and steep driveways.

In order for a product range to be diverse and useful it must be expandable, this is why Ecoraster is designed from the ground up to be modular. Our range of accessories expands upon the interconnecting nature of Ecoraster permeable paving and makes the product range useful in situations where a flat and rigid surface is not appropriate.



30 November 2018

Ecoraster Grid used for ground stabilisation

Ecoraster is a World market leader in ground reinforcement when it comes to innovation. If you think about the installation of all forms of paving, synthetic grass, natural lawn, decking etc - The most important task is ground preparation. Ecoraster can provide a very useful yet inexpensive underlay solution for all applications, reducing cost, time and logistics related to moving many m3 of troublesome native soil.


27 November 2018

First container with Ecoraster Bloxx already in Australia

Ecoraster Bloxx is a beautifully designed permeable paving solution with added ground reinforcement. The unique safety interlocking feature ensures a smooth surface that eliminates bumps and tripping hazards keeping safety and accessibility in mind. Ecoraster Bloxx has a high filtration rate that prevents storm-water runoff and promotes infiltration into the ground. Pavers are made of concrete  for creative and dynamic designs. Bloxx can be used in combination with Ecoraster grid products to further expand the usage. The Bloxx system is made from 100% recycled materials.


27 November 2018

Stockyard in Brisbane receiving first containers with Ecoraster

Our first Stockyard on East Coast in Rochedale QLD received first containers with Ecoraster.We are happy to be able provide even better pricing for all East Coast Clients.


22 October 2018

Permeable Ecoraster Grid System great solution to prevent from phenomenon knows as the UHI " URBAN ISLAND HEAT" effect.

AUSTRALIAN cities are 5C hotter compared to surrounding areas because of a phenomenon known as the ‘Urban Island Heat’ effect that could eventually turn them into death traps.

Densely populated urban areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are baring the brunt of the UHI across the country and not even a looming winter can stop it.

The UHI occurs when natural permeable surfaces including grass, plants or bush land are replaced with concrete, asphalt and infrastructure.

According to the Centre for Science Education (UCAR), urban development causes surfaces that were once PERMEABLE and moist to become IMPERMEABLE and dry. They heat up during the day and retain the warmth but infrastructure prevents it from escaping into the cold night.

The UHI is perpetuated by residents in urban areas who suffer from the effects and increase usage of electric fans and airconditioners for relief. The increased energy demands strain resources which often leads to ‘rolling blackouts’ or power outages and contributed to an even hotter UHI.