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Located in the heart of Osborne Park in Western Australia, Eco Stone Australia is Perth's leading supplier of natural stone products including floor and wall tiles, pavers, mosaics and more. We import only the best and highest quality stone from reputable quarries around the world. Our natural stone range includes beautiful marble, limestone, travertine, basalt, sandstone, slate and granite.

We provide stone suitable for interior and exterior applications for both walls and floors. We can supply wall and floor tiles, outside pavers, cobblestones, crazy paving, wall cladding as well as glass and stone mosaics.

We have all of the resources, experience and knowledge to provide you with the best hard surface solutions for any residential or commercial application where luxury, timeless and surprisingly affordable natural stone is expected.

Eco Stone Australia services the whole of Western Australia and can deliver luxury high quality stone direct to your doorstep wherever you are in Australia.

Our range is constantly changing. We invite you to visit our showroom to see and feel the quality products that we provide.

Introducing Ecoraster

Ecoraster® is transforming the World market with a proven (23+ yrs), low cost, permeable, plastic grid paving solution. It is the world's leading and original soft ground stabilization solution with over 15 million m2 installed world wide. 100% recycled materials, produced in an ISO 9001 facility and certified environmentally neutral. Ecoraster is the tested and proven solution for developments, construction sites, road shoulders, driveways, erosion control and anywhere a solid permeable surface is needed - in both grid and decorative paver styles. It has a 20 year factory warranty on proven system that is good for development, business, infrastructure and the environment with no compromise.

We are proud to announce that we are the Australian sole distributor of the Ecoraster range of ground stability solutions.

Visit Ecoraster website for more details

Latest News: Permeable Ecoraster Grid System great solution to prevent from phenomenon knows as the UHI " URBAN ISLAND HEAT" effect.

AUSTRALIAN cities are 5C hotter compared to surrounding areas because of a phenomenon known as the ‘Urban Island Heat’ effect that could eventually turn them into death traps.

Densely populated urban areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are baring the brunt of the UHI across the country and not even a looming winter can stop it.

The UHI occurs when natural permeable surfaces including grass, plants or bush land are replaced with concrete, asphalt and infrastructure.

According to the Centre for Science Education (UCAR), urban development causes surfaces that were once PERMEABLE and moist to become IMPERMEABLE and dry. They heat up during the day and retain the warmth but infrastructure prevents it from escaping into the cold night.

The UHI is perpetuated by residents in urban areas who suffer from the effects and increase usage of electric fans and airconditioners for relief. The increased energy demands strain resources which often leads to ‘rolling blackouts’ or power outages and contributed to an even hotter UHI.